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Ready to take control of your health? Whether you need full-on Nutrition Coaching or just a point in the right general direction, I've got some tools and programs that can fit your needs.

For those of you who need some solid help and a plan of action, I offer 1-2-1 Personal Nutrition Training as an independent affiliate of Nutrition Coach Network. With this program, I will teach you how to eat for your Metabolic Type (Protein-Carb-Mixed). I'll give you lots of nutritional information - and homework (sorry!) - and put you on a clear path to excellent health!


  • FREE initial consultation

  • (5) Structured phone sessions with me (about an hour each)

  • Easy-to-understand instructions for how to eat healthy without dieting or counting calories

  • A nutrition training guide including recipes

  • Internet-based self-assessments that:

       o   Explain the various systems of your body and how they function

       o   Reveal the systems of your body that may be at risk for nutritional                 deficiencies

       o   Identify the medications you may be taking and the vitamin and                     mineral deficiencies they may cause

       o   Explain the key nutrients and their function in fortifying the various             systems of your body

  • Accountability – 90-day access to me following the completion of your sessions

  • A training guide and several personalized materials, including:

    • My Favorite Foods report

    • My Nutritional Awareness Report

    • My Metabolic Profile Report (Protein, Carbo, or Mixed)

Don't know if you're ready for coaching, or don't know where to begin? Take a look below at the recommended steps toward eating well and living well!

Nutrition Coach Network
3 Steps to excellent health!
Grocery Store Tour

Don't know your way around a grocery store? If you're local (in Seattle, WA), I can help you navigate your way through the daunting aisles of sugary cereals, processed noodles, salty soups, addicting chips and cookies and other scary things and find the GOOD STUFF. Think of it as personal GPS for your shopping cart!


If those sugary cereals, processed noodles, salty soups, addicting chips and cookies and other scary things have somehow found their way into your refrigerator and pantry, let me tell ya, that's not where you want them! Because, from there, they find their way into your mouth and your body and then... well, let's just say, they don't care how sick they make you as long as you keep eating them. We'll connect via Skype, you'll show me the toxic culprits in the cabinet, and I'll watch you take them out of your home and out of your life!

FOR Health, Wellness, AND OTHER  Magical THINGS...

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