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Did you know that nutritional deficiencies are a major cause of disease? Since our food supply doesn’t provide enough of the nutrients we need to be balanced and healthy, it is essential that we use supplements. But how do we know what supplements we should be taking? Just because a particular herb or supplement is the "flavor of the month" doesn't mean its needed by our particular body. Maybe we're already sufficient in it. Maybe we're not. But, why guess at it when we can test for it? 


If your diet is heavy in the fast food department, you may be literally depriving your cells of vital nutritients. And if you keep going where you're going, you're going to wind up where your headed, if you catch my drift. For those of you who want to get down to the nitty-gritty of this, or who may be dealing with bigger health issues, find out where you stand and get Personal Nutrition Deficiency Testing.


Note -- these tests are NOT the typical ones your doctor runs at your annual physical, which will kindly let you know you already have a problem. Rather, these comprehensive blood and urine tests identify nutritional deficiencies before they become chronic problems and suggest a supplement program to address your specific need.


Use the in-home test kit to help determine exactly what vitamins and minerals you are low on. Your job:

  • Provide a urine sample

  • Provide a finger-prick blood spot

  • Send the kit back to the lab for analysis 


The lab will then send you a comprehensive report on what’s lacking in your body, and provide you with a customized supplement plan to bring your nutrition up to par.


This service is recommended following Session #5 of the 1-2-1 Personal Nutrition Training – “Supplements” and is available in three (3) options:

Basic Metabolic Profile:                                               $225.00

Basic Metabolic Profile + Fatty Acid:                           $341.00

Comprehensive Metabolic Profile:                               $456.00

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