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December 1, 2016

Do you know that the process of digestion takes more vital energy than any other bodily process? Even exercise! When we eat one or two food groups at a time, say protein and vegetables, the body can easily break down those foods, separate the vitamins and nutrients it needs from the waste it doesn't need, and leave you feeling energized to do other things. But give it a meal like that crazy holiday ensemble and it pretty much has to shut down business for any other bodily activities until it can attend to that mess in your gut. And, I do mean mess! Because at this point, the meal is not providing you any nutritional value. It's only providing a mess to be broken down and discarded. It's kinda like when you drop a jar of peanut butter in the grocery store - Clean up on aisle six! How can you get any value out of food that's lying spilled on the floor?

November 22, 2016

Did you know... You are a self-healing, self-maintaining organism?

And by 'self-healing', I mean that your body is programmed and designed to repair itself when it's sick or injured. 

Don't believe me?

Well, remember that time years ago when you sliced your finger open doing something stupid? Yeah, that time. You were opening a can of tuna while your uncle Earl was blathering on and on about his vacation, and then Ouch! Instant flesh wound. Oh, there was blood e-very-where! A total gusher! It was sooo dramatic and you just knew death was near!

Or, that time when your 10-year-old self was outside hula-hooping and your mom called you inside for dinner? In your haste to get to that delicious Mac 'N Cheese, you tripped, fell, and slid on your knees down the asphalt pavement? Owwww! You were leaving for summer camp the next day and those big, white bandages totally ruined your trip. Remember that?

Oh, wait. That was me.

So, lemme ask you something... Is that finger still...

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