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Maybe you're like, 'Hey, I got this. Just show me what to eat and how much and I'll take it from there.' No problem! With the TymPlates   Nutrition System, you get a customized meal plan with the right foods in the right combinations and portions for your Metabolic Type (Protein-Carb-Mixed) laid out on an actual designer plate. Created by Kristy Dotson, this system couldn't be easier. There is also a plan for kids!

TymPlates Profile Plan

How much do I eat?


For those of you who need help with weight loss and portion control, the TymPlates Nutrition System is a customized meal plan which helps you successfully eat healthy, lose fat, and maintain a healthy weight. You will receive a customized designer template – an actual plate.


Its individualized proportion compartments and companion food chart provide color-coded guidance on the right foods to eat in the right combinations and the right portions for your unique Metabolic Profile Type (Protein-Carbohydrate-Mixed).

Included are:


  • TymPlate plate

  • Color-coded food chart

  • Educational DVD to provide additional teaching and recipe demonstrations.

There is a system for kids, too! The TymPlates For Kids Nutrition System comes with:

  • Kid-friendly plate

  • Instructional DVD

  • Booklet guide

  • Create-A-Plate Rewards Tracker, which helps kids set nutritional goals and rewards them for healthy eating.

 TymPlates Nutrition System for Adults:                            $ 59.95

 TymPlates Nutrition System for Kids:                                $ 59.95

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