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And by other magical things, I of course mean our intuition, our subconscious mind, and that universal source of energy known as the Law of Attraction.


I spent my 20's in my head, thinking too much. The idea of using my intuition and following my gut were so foreign to me that I literally didn't know how to do it. So, I spent the entire decade of my 30's devouring every book I could get my hands on about intuition, manifesting, and the Law of Attraction. And, I learned some astonishing things that literally changed my life and the way I see myself in it. Mainly, that:

Law of Attraction

Your thoughts and emotions have power.

Like attracts like. 

Everything is alive.

Everything is alive.


Think about that for a moment. That means animate objects like you, me, the neighbor's dog, and that houseplant you keep forgetting to water, and it means inanimate objects like the coffee table, the traffic lights, and the leash on the neighbor's dog. It means the oceans, the sky, the grass, the clouds, the mountains, the rivers, the snow and the rain. It means the bow, the arrow, and the target. Everything is alive. Everything. And everything has its own energy.

When two things are of the same kind of energy, or frequency, they are a match, and they are drawn to each other. This is what it means to say "like attracts like". This is the Law of Attraction. 

The old Kahunas in Hawaii knew this. They knew that the subconcious mind was that magical little voice inside called our intuition, and they knew had something to do with the way beings and things interacted with each other. And they knew a secret: that this interaction didn't have to be happenstance or haphazard. It could be intentional. On purpose. They knew how use their intuitive powers to interact with everything and everyone in their environment from a position of power so that life was magical.

When I learned about this, suddenly Feng Shui made sense to me. As did a lot of other things. Like how a swordsman interacts with - and commands - his sword. Or, how a rhythmic gymnast interacts with her hoop, ball, ribbon and clubs. She is literally one with those objects while she's performing. It's like they make an agreement with the objects to do their bidding. and the result is nothing short of magical. As for me, I've apparently made an agreement with my purse straps that they are to get caught on every gear shift, emergency break and doorknob they come across.


But, I digress...


I was so amazed and fascinated by everything I learned about this cosmic energy - and put to use - that I wanted to find a way to share it with people. So, I did what any normal person would do:  I wrote a novel and made it one of the stars.


In Grace and Dignity: The Ark of the Sacred Scrolls, Princess Grace and Prince Dignity, a royal couple with mystical powers, struggle to save the Kingdom of Love from the unscrupulous Prince Denial. Along the way, they lose their powers (telepathy and telekenisis, respectively), but they also discover something that promises to restore those powers and lead them to a whole new way of living. That something is a sacred scroll called the Cosmic Source.

Grace and Dignity: The Ark of the Sacred Scrolls

“The Cosmic Source is a powerful energy that flows through all things, connecting all things. It is the energy not only from which all things are created but also with which all things are created. This energy has a magnetic quality that may be used to manifest anything desired. Any living being tuned in to the Cosmic Source may accomplish this in three steps: see it in one’s mind, feel it in one’s bones, and know it with all one’s heart. And, in the absence of doubt, it will be so. Envision the thing desired; feel the fulfillment of having it. Then, cast aside all doubts and fears and allow it in with unwavering faith and confidence.”

-- Grace and Dignity: the Ark of the Sacred Scrolls

What is your creative calling? What's your superpower?


Follow your intuition - your internal compass - and that Cosmic Source called the Law of Attraction to create an amazing, magical life full of adventure and challenge and prosperity!


Don't know where to begin? Check out some of my favorite books and films below and see where the road takes you.


I've learned a lot from what I've read. But sometimes we need some real personal help to clear out the emotional obstacles that are lodged deep in our subconscious minds. You know, all the fixations and fear-based thoughts and emotions that keep us from getting what we want out of life.

If you're looking for more one-on-one help with this, I'd like to introduce you to Tracy Crossley at Intuitive Reinvention. Tracy is a Master Intuitive based in LA County where she conducts sessions in person, over the phone and through Skype. Her blend of intuition, business acumen, psychology, Reiki, spirituality and subconscious pattern breaking helps people identify their real obstacles and connect emotionally. Her straightforward approach has attracted CEOs, people in work/life transition and other Type A individuals who think intellectualizing problems is the key to solving them (Hint: it isn’t).

Visit her at

Tracy Crossley - Intuitive Reinvention

Tracy Crossley

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