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Why is it necessary to Detox your body?


You are constantly being bombarded by toxins - from your food, water, air, environment, even the copy machine outside your office. Your liver works really hard to filter out the bad stuff and keep your body clean, but sometimes there's just too much to deal with and it needs a little help. Detoxing gives your digestive system a rest so your lymphatic system and liver can get to work on the deep cleaning. Think of it like giving your car a regular oil change.

Dump the Junk Detox Program

Detox Program


Participate in a 4-week Dump-the-Junk Detoxification Program, which includes a 7-day colon/digestive cleanse followed by a 3-week liver cleanse. This program is typically offered after Session #4 of the 1-2-1 Personal Training program and uses products from Designs For Health for the liver-cleanse. I recommend doing this detox 2-4 times/year with the change of seasons.

Vanilla Pea Protein:                                                                   $145.00

Chocolate Whey Cool Protein:                                                 $198.00

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