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You are a self-healing, self-maintaining organism!

Did you know... You are a self-healing, self-maintaining organism?

And by 'self-healing', I mean that your body is programmed and designed to repair itself when it's sick or injured.

Don't believe me?

Well, remember that time years ago when you sliced your finger open doing something stupid? Yeah, that time. You were opening a can of tuna while your uncle Earl was blathering on and on about his vacation, and then Ouch! Instant flesh wound. Oh, there was blood e-very-where! A total gusher! It was sooo dramatic and you just knew death was near!

Or, that time when your 10-year-old self was outside hula-hooping and your mom called you inside for dinner? In your haste to get to that delicious Mac 'N Cheese, you tripped, fell, and slid on your knees down the asphalt pavement? Owwww! You were leaving for summer camp the next day and those big, white bandages totally ruined your trip. Remember that?

Oh, wait. That was me.

So, lemme ask you something... Is that finger still bleeding? Have you gone through 8,962 bandaids in the last 30 years trying to keep it contained?

Okay then.

So, it's like this. Your body doesn't have time to deal with a never-ending bloody finger. No, no. It wants to heal and get on with it. So, it rallies the troops, clots the blood, and forms a scab. Then it gets to work fusing the skin on either side of that cut back together so you can get on with it already. That's just what it does. It is designed to heal.

My friend fell off a ladder a few weeks ago and cracked a couple ribs. His doctor said there wasn't much to do about it, he just had to wait it out and the ribs would heal on their own over time.

"But, how do they do that?" he asked me.

I shrugged. "I don't know. I guess it's just how it works when you're a human."

But what about things like a cold? Or, the flu? Or, cancer...?

Look at it this way. Your body is the same on the inside as it is on the outside. If it can heal itself of a little finger cut, why would it not do that with a disease?

Your body is infinitely wise. It doesn't discern one ailment from another, or presume one thing will be "harder" to fix than another. It just knows there's something out of whack that needs to be put back in whack, so to speak. So, it rolls up its sleeves and gets to work.

The body will always act in your best interest, even if it goes about it in a way that doesn't seem to make any sense to you. For example, most of us think mucus is pretty disgusting and surely has zero purpose in life. But, it does. Let's say you breathe in some dust. Well, an internal alarm then goes off, and the body sends out mucus to surround the dust particles in order to contain them and keep them from doing any real damage to the rest of the body - especially the organs. It does so until all the particles can be carried safely out (i.e., after many a nose-blow!) so you can get back to Defcon 1.

Again, the body it will always work to heal us as quickly as possible, no matter what the ailment. All we have to do to ensure it does its job is give it the right environment, the right nutrition, and the right tools.

More on this subject down the line...

Stay tuned for more health, wellness & other Magical things... In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Gobble gobble,



In the next blog:

-The Magic of Food Combining - or, why your body has a love/hate relationship with Thanksgiving!


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